To Deerns, innovation means: inventing new ideas, translating these ideas into solutions and then implementing them with value for our clients. Deerns strives for a culture and a structure in which ideas can easily become reality.

Innovation Competition

One of the ways that we motivate colleagues, is our innovation competition. This competition, which is open to all staff members of Deerns worldwide, produces many promising innovations. The winning idea of this year is SNAIP, 'Sensor Network with Automated Indoor Positioning'.

This technological innovation enables a building to become really intelligent: Smart Building by Deerns. Download - on the right-hand side - 'Smart Building by Deerns' to read more.  

To get an impression of the grand final, see the video below.

Deerns Concept Studio

Deerns has its own internal training institute: the Deerns Concept Studio. Specialists at Deerns are trained here to explore and use creativity in order to think up innovative solutions for the issues they are facing. During the international sessions, the creativity already present in the genes is further developed and professionalised. This leads to better solutions for our clients.

External partners

In order to actually bring innovations to life, Deerns often works with universities. The knife thus cuts both ways: Deerns has specific in-house market knowledge while the students generate many innovations for which an application has to be found.