Nuclear Research Group, Petten - The Netherlands

In the Hot Cell Laboratory at the research facility in Petten, medical isotopes are produced, research is carried out on fissile fuels and radioactive waste is processed. NRG has 500 employees who work for clients in the health care sector, the energy market, the industry sector, government departments and the science sector.

Safety and availability

The activities are carried out in protected areas, concrete and lead lined rooms, whereby the ventilation system forms an important part of the containment. The building and equipment of the Hot Cell Laboratory were put into service in 1965. The renovation of the ventilation and operating system will guarantee the safety and operational reliability until 2035.

Special features

At the start of the project, an as-built survey, inspections and measurements were carried out to establish the existing and the desired situation, including design modifications. In the concept design phase, concepts were developed based on the User Requirement Specification and the current situation for the control technology, electrical distribution, ventilation system, fire safety and civil engineering.

In the basic design phase, these concepts were further elaborated on and recorded in documents and drawings, which NRG used to organise the tender. In the elaboration process, particular attention was given to the electrical engineering systems and control systems to ensure that nuclear safety and the desired high availability of the ventilation system meet all requirements and ambitions. During the tendering process, Deerns assisted NRG with technical and market knowledge.