Thales Alenia Space - Spain and Italy

For over 40 years, Thales has designed, integrated, tested, operated and delivered innovative space systems. Deerns designed a new earthquake proof facility for Thales in l’Aquila and an expansion of their existing plant in Madrid.

Thales Italy

On 6 April 2009, L’Aquila was hit by a devastating earthquake, in which the production site of Thales Alenia Space was seriously damaged. All the valuable equipment was moved to a temporary shelter and Thales decided to build a new, earthquake proof facility. The extreme time pressure made the design of the factory, consisting of one of the largest cleanrooms  in Italy (over 4000 m2) and two floors of offices, exceptionally challenging.

Thales Spain

Due to the growing production demand in satellite branches, the Thales plant in Madrid had to be expanded. This project was divided into three phases. The first phase comprised combining the three separate cleanrooms located in the basement. This resulted in a single cleanroom, over 400 m2  larger than the three previous ones combined and with the same classifications (ISO 8 and 5). In the second phase, all the offices were renovated, utilising the HVAC units installed in the first phase to improve the internal climate. During the final phase, the common areas of the building were updated.