Baltic Arena, Gdansk, Poland

The Gdansk Baltic Arena was designed to be the new landmark for this Polish city on the Baltic coast.
The building itself was inspired by the shape and colour of an oversised amber. Especially during the night, thanks to artificial lighting, the façade surface glows like amber.

After the event of the European soccer championship in 2012, the new arena is currently home to the local soccer team as well as hosting other events such as concerts. An important part of the design scope was to develop a concept for part-time use of the arena after the 2012 championships.

Special features

The Baltic Arena has a highly varied energy demand especially for electricity. The peak loads during the football games are 2 MW higher than the base load. To accommodate these peaks the emergency units are continuously running during the football games or other events. Furthermore the units are designed as combined heat power units (CHP). The heat losses are stored in a 2,500 m³ water tank and used for the heating of the football field, the building and to produce warm water.