Ahoy Sport & Festival Arena

The multifunctional venue Ahoy in Rotterdam was built in 1971. The building is internationally renowned and awarded for its steel construction. Since its conception, Ahoy has evolved and developed through the years and in 1998 a renovation and refurbishment was carried out. Ten years later, an expansion and renovation awaited this famous Dutch venue.

In collaboration with the architects, Deerns expanded the capacity of the venue to create the possibilities of seating 13,500 visitors and hosting international sporting events such as the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament and concerts of various world famous performers.

Special features

Flexibility was the biggest challenge during this project. The diversity of events hosted by Ahoy resulted in a very complex building services design. All of the building services were renewed. The efforts resulted in a design which allows for a quick change of setting. Especially the lighting design is
developed to accommodate all types of shows and concerts. For example a LED-facade is designed to expose outside what is happening inside the building. Also the HVAC installation is designed to service the variety of the amount of spectators.

The design team worked closely, ultimately resulting in a practical and flexible multi-functional venue. Special effects were made to expand the hospitality-factor of the venue. By widely extending the availability of food and drinks, the opening hours per event are increased through the attraction of the public directly before and after events.

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